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Decorative Railings & Gates

All Dade Fences manufactures and installs a variety of metal, aluminum and custom wrought iron gates. All of our gates are fabricated using heavy gauge metal to ensure their strength and durability. Our gates are powder coated which offers the best protection against weather and requiring no maintenance.

Fences - Aluminum, PVC, Chain Link, Wood

Aluminum Fences can improve the appearance and value of your property. Aluminum provides the traditional beauty of an ornamental iron fence without the high maintenance costs for yearly scraping, sanding and painting. A aluminum fence is the smart choice for value conscious property owners. There is an aluminum fence to meet all of your needs.

PVC Fences offers low maintenance and diverse styles which in result is quickly becoming a popular choice for many homeowners. Our quality products and experienced installers will guarantee many maintenance free years of durability and security for your property.

Chain Link Fence is not what it used to be. These fences are designed to enhance the landscape and lessen their own presence with a variety of colors. This together with a vinyl coating that is soft to the touch provides the homeowner with an attractive, secure border without blocking off the beauty of your landscape.

Wood Fences are custom made to order for your property. Our professional craftsmen come to your home, listen to your vision, take measurements and then design and install your fencing system. Although wood does require a little maintenance, it is still one of the most versatile materials for fencing.

Concrete Wall Fence and Columns

Concrete is a stylish way to achieve security, noise reduction and privacy. Concrete fences are strong and durable, made of high-strength concrete with steel-reinforcing galvanized starter bars and foot plates. Designed and engineered to be self-supporting with no columns or continuous foundations, each component is specifically molded to achieve a flat and smooth surface that can be polished or textured. Concrete fences are so versatile that additional features can be added, such as water features, lighting plans, wrought iron view panels or decorative lattice panels.

Electronic Access Panel

All Dade Fences specializes in electronic gates and access systems. We can help provide the solution for your unique application, commercial or residential. We offer a full line of swing gate and slide gate controls. Whether your need is for simple push button control or elaborate telephone entry, card readers, keypads, magnetic loops, photo beams or sophisticated controls, we can solve your security needs with today's state of the art electronic access protection.

Guard Rails

All Dade Fences is also a supplier and manufacturer of highway guardrails. Guardrails are used for highway safety but also offers protection for your commercial property. From accurate bids, to careful manufacturing and intallation of the final product, you can count on All Dade Fences for your guardrail needs.

Structural Steel

All Dade Fences is also a leading steel provider which furnishes and installs all structural steel foundations, joist and decking, stairs and railings with very competitive pricing and fast delivery.